Welcome to the Elus Ambiental Website, a Public Interest Civil Society Organization (OSCIP) which has been developing many social and educational projects since 2006. It is a Brazilian non-profit private organization, with no political or religious affiliations, which works for the protection of the environment.

Its work has been recognized in many cities of São Paulo State and it was developed in Hortolândia and Sumaré the Project called: ‘Projeto Educação Ambiental é dever, é legal!’, which means ‘Environmental Education is law, and is nice!’

This year, the Elus Ambiental will start expanding for many cities in São Paulo and in a near future will be spread to all Brazilian territory.

The Projeto Educação Ambiental, é dever, é legal has the participation of his Mascot: “Recicladinho and your guys”, whom already conquered the students of Primary and Secondary Public Schools where the project had been implanted with his actions:

• Urban Arborization;
• Cinema at Schools;
• Partnership with Waste Cooperatives;
• Actions directed to the citizens with the distribution of Recicladinho book and waste bags.

Regarding the expansion of this Project it was launched the didactic book ‘Recicladinho e sua Turma’ and 12 didactic DVD for children and teenagers. Sponsored by Honda Automóveis do Brasil, thereby the Project will reach approximately 50 thousand students from the Primary and Secondary Public Schools of Sumaré City.


The Project ‘Educação Ambiental é dever, é legal’ it was founded in January of 2005 in Hortolândia City, São Paulo, by Júlio César de Moraes, graduated in Public Relations by Catholic Pontifical University Campinas and Pós-Graduated in Environmental Management by Metrocamp University.

After his creation, companies from different segments has been adopted the Project and became partners as the groups EMS-SIGMA PHARMA, SABESP, B/S/B CONTINENTAL and recently it was developed in Sumaré, São Paulo by Honda Automóveis do Brasil – The Power of Dreams. This partnership collaborates for the distribution of 40.000 didactic books for students of Primary and Secondary Public Schools in Sumaré, São Paulo and other activities. We are looking for other companies which have the interest to know this work and adopt this project.

It’s important to emphasize that the Projeto “Educação Ambiental é dever, é legal” it was enrolled in the institutional program of UNESCO – Criança Esperança in 25/10/05. It was recognized from The Environmental Minister – Process 175/05 – GM/MMA, sent by the Minister Marina Silva in 26/08/2005. It was displayed in the II Regional Forum of Environmental at Embrapa and Directory of Education in Sumaré obeying all the pedagogic regulation from the Secretary of the State of Education in 24/11/05.


The Elus Ambiental can celebrate, without pledge, with the governors, agencies, and public companies, partnership for the development and the execution of programs and projects related to the education, environment, culture, digital inclusion, defense and conservation of historic and artistic areas.

The partnership with Elus allows that the applied resources can be counted like other expenditures, preserving integrally, the budget destined to the staff expenditures.

Currently, the Elus Ambiental establishes partnerships with companies such as Honda Automóveis do Brazil, B/S/H, Tetra Pak; Public Institutions such as Sumaré and Hortolândia County Council (Municipal Government), besides being able to establish new partnerships with the 3 spheres of Public Sector, Municipal, State and Federal.


The Elus Ambiental is open to new partnerships in Brazil and other countries that can help to build a better environment and to create and promote social actions. Any company can collaborate and become part of the actions we are developing in many areas of Brazil.


The Elus Ambiental and Universities established a partnership for development of a program called: Compensation and Control Program of Emission of Carbonic Gas, known as Carbon Elus. One of the most important goals of this Program is the reforestation along the Quilombo and Jacuba River, which will improve the quality of life to its neighborhood. The companies that are participating will be certified with a stamp and other benefits and also can have their income deducted in their liquid turnover.

The financial management of the resources for development of the project will be carried through ELUS Gestão e Projeto Sócio Ambiental (OSCIP).

The companies, who may have interest of know more about this project, please contact us for an appointment so that we can present our project. The presentation is very important for the visualization of the entire project. Certain of this successful partnership we are available for any information and doubts.

Elus Gestão e Projeto Sócio Ambiental
Director: Julio Cesar de Moraes
Address: Rua dos Periquitos 182, Jd Santa Amélia – Hortolândia – SP
Phone/Fax: +55 (19) 3809-3885
E-mail: diretoria@elusambiental.org
Information: elusambiental@hotmail.com